Monday, December 24, 2012

ACHILLES: Ticklish Strap-On 1 & 2

A 2 part submission I did for Achilles...self explanatory really ;)

Sunday, December 9, 2012

ACHILLES: Princess Revenge!

Oddly enough I LOVE this one...the three Mario princesses...Peach, Daisy and Rosalina finally have their long overdo revenge on Bowser ;)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

ACHILLES: The New Slave

Inspired by my Mytheroptera fantasy series idea. I do loves me them Dwarf girls LOL

Friday, November 2, 2012

The Blue Host: A Tale of Tickling Horror

I had really hoped to have the time to do an illustration to go with this story...sadly time wasn't on my side...ah well. Here ya go...enjoy! :D



“You’re moving it.”

“I’m totally not!”

“You totally are. I sincerely doubt the spirits of the dead want nacho’s Cali.”

“They aren’t saying that, they said that WE should get nachos.”

“Why would the spirits care if we got nachos?”

“Hey don’t look at me Belou! The machinations of those in the afterlife are a mystery far beyond the understanding of the living.”

The two catgirls bickered amongst themselves in the middle of Cali’s living room in their pajamas, having all gotten together for a slumber party. The two had their fingers pressed upon the moving tile atop a Ouija Board as it shifted back and forth while a third catgirl sat to the side watching curiously. “I’ve never seen a real séance before! You think we can contact Casper with this?” Lin-Yao interjected as the two others turned to her, bewildered.

“Just because ghosts are real doesn’t mean Casper is hon.” Belou replied with a smirk. “And of course this séance would be SO much easier if certain people would stop TICKLING EACH OTHER BEHIND THE COUCH!” Belou finally exclaimed in the direction of the steady stream of playful giggles coming from behind the couch where Cali say as Kate and Chu rolled around on the carpet engaged in a tickle fight.

“Ohohohohohoo lightehehehehen up a lihihihihitlllle!” Kate replied as she allowed Chu to take the high ground, getting turned face down as Chu straddled her waist and skittered her nails up and down Kate’s sides, kicking her legs behind her.

“Got you onnesaaaan!” Chu teased in a cheerful voice. Cali of course with the attention span of a house fly couldn’t help but peer over the back, tail flicking back and forth as she reached over the couch and poked at Chu’s side, causing her to fall over hysterical.

“Please excuse me, I have to go use the bathroom…” The statuesque mouse girl said as she excused herself and headed upstairs.

“TIME FOR ROUND 2!!” Cali exclaimed as she dove over the back of the couch and laid siege to the vulnerable raccoon girl, a far louder and more frantic outburst of laughter following.

“Come on guys, be serious!” Belou exclaimed once again, arms crossed in huff as she leaned back against her chair.

“Oh would you relax Belou, I really doubt a board game made out of cardboard is going to allow us grant us access into the great beyond!” Suddenly Belou couldn’t help but notice something that made her blood chill, breathing slow and eyes widen.

“Th…then…wh…why is it…m…moving…on its own?” She stammered as Lin-Yao also caught notice.

“Is…that supposed to happen?” She added, pulling a pillow up against her and clutching it tight. The remaining two slowly rose up from behind the couch, eyes wide.

“NO…..FUCKING….WAY….” Cali stammered as she slowly walked out from behind the couch and sat back down, leaning forward a bit to watch it move. “I-A-M-H-E-R-E” She spoke softly as it moved. “Um…and wh-who…are you?” Cali replied in a timid voice.

Suddenly an intense light flooded the room, sending all the girls reeling back, only Belou catching a view of…”something” briefly before just as quickly everything went dark throughout the entire house. “What was…that?” Lin-Yao inquired before suddenly hearing a scream from upstairs.

“Chu!” Kate exclaimed as she scrambled to find the stairs in the pitch blackness and ran up, followed by the rest in an equally disoriented fashion, still with blurred vision from the earlier bright light. They made it upstairs to see Chu in the hallway being held tightly by Cali’s mother Moira with a lit candle in hand.

“There there…its okay dear…” She comforted as the far taller mouse girl buried her face in her shoulder.

“I…I’m sorry…i…it went dark…th…then I saw something…in the mirror…” She stammered between tears as Moira gently rubbed her hand up and down her back.

“She’ll be fine…I’ll take her to my room for now; why don’t you girls head down to the circuit breaker and see if you can’t fix this. There’s an extra flashlight in the kitchen.” Moira suggested as she passed her candle to Cali.

“Yeah okay…” She replied as they headed down.

“Be careful now!” Moira called out as she lead Chu to her bedroom, already lit with candles (something she did normally regardless of the blackout). Moira had always loved Chu, her protective motherly instincts always at high alert when around the soft spoken and shy mouse girl who always seemed to need a compassionate person nearby at all times. She sat her down on the bed and placed a single soft kiss on her forehead before going to sit at her mirror, hair brush in hand.

“Don’t be scared dear, the power will be back on shortly.” She spoke in a comforting tone of voice as she began to brush her hair and hum to herself. Chu had long heard about how both Cali and her mother shared the same unique interests; including tickling and foot fetishism and slowly her eyes glanced downward, catching a view of Moira’s flawlessly soft size 9 feet hooked around the bar under the chair, biting her lower lip slightly; genuinely surprised that she herself was already thinking about such things given the circumstances.

“Um..M…Miss Gus-taf-son?” Chu spoke softly, having difficulty pronouncing her last name.

“Yes? And please none of that dear, call me Moira.” She replied, looking at Chu in the reflection of the mirror.

“…is it true that you and Cali…both like the same things?” Chu inquired, finding it hard to get specific.

“Well what do you mean dear? I’d like to think we have a lot of the same interests; we are quite close you know.” She replied having a sneaking suspicion of what it was she getting at by how nervous she was acting.

“Well…um…that is…” She continued to stammer as she fidgeted with her fingers in her lap. Moira, sensing the intense awkwardness rose to her feet and went to sit down beside her.

“Its okay dear. Are you wondering if like Cali, I also like tickling?” She finally said to which Chu simply nodded in response. “Yes I really do, I’d like to think it was hereditary somehow the way she took after my unique interests. You should know by now there’s no reason to be nervous around me, really!” She spoke as she clutched Chu’s hands in hers with a warm smile.

“M…um…may I…tickle you?” Chu finally managed to force out, eyes wide in disbelief that she had actually said it out loud and blushing profusely causing Moira to giggle in response.

“Why of course you may dear.” She responded very casually as she scooted back a little bit and laid her head down on the pillow, placing her feet in Chu’s lap, crossed at the ankle and wiggling her toes enticingly hoping it would help break her out of her shy moment. Chu stared for a moment at those flawless soles in her lap, once again biting her lower lip, still in disbelief that she had the courage to ask such a thing of anyone, especially the mother of one of her closest friends. Was this a sign of her building the self confidence Kate always talked about? Slowly she placed her hands on Moira’s feet, causing Moira to smile. “Goodness your hands are so soft!” She commented, using her toes to stroke along the side of her palm.

“And your feet are so beautiful…” Chu said in response, leaning in and placing a single soft kiss on top of Moira’s foot before she began to massage.

“Ooooooooooh that’s just heavenly…” Moira moaned as she sunk deeper into the pillow behind her. Chu normally started with a massage as a way of thanking the person for allowing her to tickle them, but tonight it wouldn’t last long; for some unexplainable reason she was in a very mischievous mood. Feeling empowered and with one hand placed on top of Moira’s ankles, Chu ever so gently began to glide her nails up and down Moira’s right foot.

“Oooohohohohohoho myhyhyhyhyyy!!” Moira exclaimed as her body began to spasm a bit, only now remembering what Kate had once told her about Chu’s strange ability when it came to tickling; the softest touch from her was like the most sadistic scribbling fingers from anyone else. Moira’s slender toes splayed and flexed as her high arches felt the torturous glee of Chu’s nails, the mouse girl becoming lost in her desires as she slowly began to increase the pressure on Moira’s skin along with the speed of her wiggling fingers. “CHUUUUHUHUHUHOOHOOHOOHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!!” Moira screamed as the tickling picked up, Chu frantically scribbling her nails all over Moira’s spongy soft soles, her tormentor never having felt such overwhelming sensations of confidence, ambition…and sadism.

Moira wailed at the top of her lungs, seriously beginning to think Kate had understated Chu’s abilities as a tickler; despite the level of unbearable torture though, she couldn’t help but love every moment. Stranger still, as Moira slipped deeper into the tickle induced euphoria, she found it harder and harder for her to struggle, becoming more still as the moments passed as if some unseen force was holding her still with her arms over her head. Eyes blinded with tears, she could only feel the sudden shift of weight on the bed as Chu came up to straddle her waist and lean forward…and then heard the most surreal of sounds.

“Such a fully ripened woman’s body…how delicious” The voice spoke, but it was not Chu’s; it was still feminine but far deeper, more sultry and no accent whatsoever. Moira’s eyes sprang open as the reality finally hit home of what was happening, her eyes slowly beginning to focus in on the terrifying sight. A now fully nude Chu, straddling her waist sat upright, chest pushed out, gazing down at Moira with vivid glowing eyes and a devious smile. Her hair had grown to ridiculous lengths, spiraling straight up to the ceiling like a column that then spread out in all directions across the ceiling and down the walls like creeping ivy along the walls of an old house. It was then that she noticed her wrists and ankles had been bound by thick ropes of Chu’s blue hair. Slowly Chu leaned forward, smiling wide as she gripped the back of Moira’s head and kissed her long and deep. “Mmmmm…such delectable passions within you…I shall enjoy this…” She said with a sinister giggle.

“Wh..who are you!? What have you done with Chu?!” Moira screamed as her tormentor slowly untied her silk robe and pulled the flaps aside revealing her voluptuous body; curvy figure with wide hips and ample bosom. “I think right now you should be more concerned with yourself…dear.” She replied as her hands sprang forward and began to violently scribble up and down the full length of Moira’s body from underarms all the way down to her hips causing her to shriek at the top of her lungs in hysterics while leaning in to lick and suckle at her nipples playfully.

“Wait…” Belou said as the group of girls fiddled with the circuit breaker. “Something isn’t right…I sense something…horrible…” She added, clutching her chest just as they all stopped in place looking and Lin-Yao’s ears began to twitch.

“You hear that?” She inquired. “S…sounds like…laughter…lots of it…”

“We have to get upstairs now!!!” Belou exclaimed as she took off into the house and got to the bottom of the stairs where the panicked shrieking of Moira could be heard more clearly.

“Mom!!!” Cali screamed as she ran up to the room.

“Chu!!” Kate screamed at about the same time and was right behind Cali the whole way.

“Wait!! Don’t go up there!!!” Belou yelled but the two were far too driven by concern for their loved ones to be halted as they ran to Moira’s room and swung the door open…and became frozen in their places with fear. They entered to find her mother strung up in the air in an upside down X position facing her. Moira’s face, a contorted mask of laughter as Chu’s devilish nails went to work all along her upper body with her head firmly between Moira’s legs, licking away hungrily while tendrils of hair went to work teasing her nipples and feet. Slowly Chu’s head rose up, the wet drippings of Moira’s snatch dribbling from her lips as she smiled at them.

“Your mother is delicious Cali…come…won’t you two join us?” She said in that evil voice as a mass of writhing blue tendrils shot through the air, wrapping Kate and Cali just as the other two girls got to the top of the stairs to see them being pulled through, screaming.

“Cali!!! Kate!!!” Lin-Yao screamed as Belou lunged forward and covered her mouth as quickly as possible.

“Shhhhhh!!!” She commanded, eyes wide with fear…but it was too late…she had given them away. The door once again swung open, now with the sound of two sets of hysterical laughter pouring out as blue tendrils began to snake their way down the hallway towards the girls, causing Lin-Yao got into a defensive stance ready to fight back to protect her remaining friend.

“Go quickly and get help! I’ll hold it off!” She called out to her.

“B-but…” Belou stammered not knowing how to act, currently stuck in her place paralyzed with fear.

“Go noooooow!!” Lin-Yao commanded causing Belou to take off like a rocket down the stairs and lunging for her phone on the table just as Lin-Yao began to charge herself with chi energy, determined to make her last stand. No sooner had Belou begun to dial the phone did she suddenly hear Lin-Yao’s panicked laughter from the top of the stairs that got more distant as she was dragged away, followed by the feeling of something wrapped her ankle.

“Pick up!! Please pick up!!” She screamed as she clutched the couch, feeling herself being slowly pulled backwards. A clicking sound finally followed as someone answer just as Belou was being dragged away. “Help!! Evil spirit!! Possessed!! Come quick!!” was all she could scream in her panicked state as she dropped her phone and was slowly dragged back up the stairs and back into the room as the door slammed shut.

Slowly consciousness began to return to Kate as she opened her eyes, immediately the smell of musk and perspiration filled her lungs along with the familiar sound of hysterical panicked laughter as her eyes struggled to focus on the blurred image of blue all around her. The room had taken on a very surreal appearance, with writhing, pulsating masses of blue hair which had taken on a much more organic, tentacle like consistency covered every square inch of room except for the bed where Kates main focus was directed the moment she came to her senses, staring in disbelief.

The naked and somehow more voluptuous and mature looking Chu sat on the edge of the bed. Below her, Moira was wrapped in tendrils and bound to the floor with the lower half of her body under the bed, her bare breasts exposed but arms pinned to her sides as she passionately slathered one of Chu’s feet with her tongue and the other playful fondled and teased her breasts and fully erect nipples. Laying beside her, Cali screamed with laughter, face flushed red and tears pouring from her eyes as her elevated freckled feet felt the full wrath of Chu’s devilish nails, legs wrapped from ankles to calves and toes flailing about helplessly. Above them, Lin-Yao was suspended in the air with her arms over her head and legs spread, each over one of Chu’s shoulders as the devious mouse girl plunged her face deep into Lin-Yao’s pussy, ravaging it hungrily with her tongue while at the same time, Belou sat behind her, ruthlessly scribbling her nails all over Lin-Yao’s defenseless feet also in hysterics while her own feet were wrapped around Chu’s waist, feeling the merciless tickling of her remaining hand.

Kate attempted to call out, but realized her mouth was completely covered in the same blue tendrils that currently bound her to the wall in an X shaped pose. The overwhelming image of ecstasy and torment chilled her to her very core, but her body couldn’t help but respond differently as her arousal began to grow, along with the moisture between her legs. It was then that Chu stopped, as did the rest of the participants dead in their tracks and all turned to slowly look at Kate. To her horror she could see no pupils in the eyes of her friends, only a blank white stare; all except for Chu who’s eyes had taken on a menacing yellow.

“Well glad you could join us dear Kate; we were beginning to feel like you didn’t want to play…” Chu teased as she spread her legs and slowly slide down the bed, straddling Moira’s face as she instantly began to put her tongue to work, Chu moaning passionately with Cali’s feet still in hand, now leaning in to begin sucking on her slender toes, causing the cat girl to begin moaning and wailing uncontrollably with lust. “Mmmmm…I’m suuuuure you’re wondering why I left you alone, correct?” Chu inquired as she stood and approached Kate, walking with a swing to her hips and a devious smile. “You are so much more interesting to me with your senses about you…” She explained as behind her, girls began to reposition as Belou slid to the edge of the bed and off, with her pussy mounted on Moira’s lips as Cali climbed onto the bed and began to feast on Lin-Yao’s nethers while her nails tickled all around her thighs and lower body. “Oh yes they’re very much mindless right now…driven purely by desire and instinct without a hint of that bothersome logic or moral outrage. Of course for a few of them I didn’t need to really push that much further from where they already were. The will was always there, I just needed to remove certain inhibitions to set them free.” Chu explained turning back for a moment and then back to Kate, leaning in close, locking eyes with her.

“But you…you are quite fascinating to me as you are. I can sense this bodies affection for you, as I can sense your own deeply passionate and even romantic attraction for it.” Chu spoke as Kate’s eyes began to well up with tears. “But you…you feel as though you are unworthy to court such a pure and innocent soul…to potentially corrupt one so loving, caring and purely good with your filthy fantasies…” She continued to mock as she reached forward and ever so gently began to caress and fondle Kate’s erect nipples, causing her to moan softly but with tears still pouring from Kate’s eyes. “Of course…only I know just how deeply her affections lie for you. Perhaps if you cooperate with me…I could tell you and help you live out such fantasies guilt free.” She continued as Kate clenched her eyes tight, screaming through her gag, swinging her head back and forth. Not like this…she would NEVER want it like this. She could only hope and pray that the real Chu had no awareness of what was happening, of what this thing was using her body to do to her dearest friends or else the trauma would be indescribable. “So preoccupied with morality and romantic ideals you mortals are…I’ll never understand you.” Chu said as she spun back around and walked towards the 4 girls, who had since risen to their feet and were standing in a line side by side.

“Well then…shall we begin?” Chu said seating herself on the bed as the binds holding Kate’s legs began to expand outward, lifting her legs straight up and spread wide in front of her. Just then the four lunged forward and began to ravage Kate lustfully; Belou dove right in between her legs and began to simultaneously lick and finger her with everything she was capable of, Lin-Yao stood just behind her and tickled furiously around Kate’s massive breasts and underarms, taking great care to tease her hardening nipples as Cali and Moira each took a foot in hand, sucking on the toes passionately as they viciously clawed at the squishy plump soles with little in the way of restraint. Kate when ballistic, muffled screams filling the room as her whole body shook violently and spasmed out of control, the tears continuously streaming down her face. A situation such as this in the past would have been her greatest fantasies come true; but given the circumstances this wasn’t the case here; this was degrading, depraved and terrifying.

After several minutes, the lust finally reached its crescendo as she screamed out with a body shaking orgasm that ripped its way through her curvaceous form. But it didn’t end there, Belou and Cali switched places as Cali then to work between her legs and Belou ravaged her feet. This went on one after another, one mind blowing orgasm after another sending Kate into a deep euphoria where she lost touch with the waking world, only the sensations remained, the horrific torture and intense arousal that peaked with screaming, hysterical climaxes. And just when she thought she couldn’t take any more, she felt Chu’s flawlessly baby soft soles pressed up against her face, caressing and fondling playfully. So long had she desired them but kept herself under control, only to have them like this…such shame. But it was no matter, having those objects of her affection against her, breathing in their sweet scent while her loins continued to be feasted upon, pushing her over one final time as she wailed out in excruciating orgasmic bliss. Finally Chu waved a hand and the 4 stopped as a truly shaken, exhausted and physically defeated Kate slumped forward, cascades of sweat, tears and vaginal juices dripping upon the floor. She struggled to lift her head best as she was able and glared at Chu with hate and malice.

“O…onnesan? Are…are you mad at me?” Chu spoke in the sweet, gentle voice Kate had fallen in love with as her eyes went wide and screamed at the top of her lungs…then began to weep hysterically through the gag. Why was she being tormented like this? Having her love of someone so sweet and innocent twisted and perverted like this? She hated that thing in Chu’s body with every ounce of her being. The evil being chuckled maniacally as she once again stood and slowly approached. “Now…its my turn…” She said as Kate suddenly erupted with new life, flailing and violently pulling against her binds, screaming her head off. “NO!! SHE CAN’T!!! NOT CHU!!! NOT MY CHUUHUHUHUUU!!! PLEASE NOOOO!!! MAKE IT STOOOOOOOOOOP!!!!!!!!!” She screamed best she could through her gag as the cruel tormentor laughed at her. “Oh rest assured you will indulge in your darkest desires whether you like it or not…maybe I’ll even let little Chu herself take center stage to witness every dirty thing she’s about to do to her dear sweet adopted older sister…” She mocked before everything suddenly came to a halt…and the door to the room exploded into shards of wood that flew through the air.

In the backlit door frame, a shadowy silhouette stood cloaked in a long coat with a pair of feline ears. The light reflected off a pair of round lenses and as the ember of a cigarette began to glow, a large, toothy grin could be seen as the smoke was exhaled. “Ya know…normally I don’t make it a point to make such a dramatic entrance…but in your case I figured it was needed and appreciated.” Cheshire said as she slowly entered the room, Chu glaring at him with a predatory gaze.

“WHO DARES INTRUDE ON M-“ She began to say.

“SO TELL ME. Are you the keymaster or the gatekeeper miss body crasher?” Cheshire interjected as she calmed herself slightly and examined him.

“Hm…you seem to have quite a bit more spiritual power than even the ebony catgirl…how very interesting.” She said as she returned to the bed and assumed a highly provocative pose. “I also sense this body fears you quite a bit; that alpha male predatory nature of yours I can only assume…” She added as she looked him up and down genuinely intrigued, Kate struggling to plead for help beneath the gag.

“It’s the eyes…she thinks they’re scary.” He replied in a snarky tone as he removed his glasses, folding them carefully and placing them in his top pocket as he shot Chu that very same predatory look that had shaken so many others, causing her to freeze in place. “Still victim to the inherent weaknesses of your host body I see…” He quipped as he lit another cigarette.

“Perhaps…but what of your weaknesses hm? I can already feel the desires running through your mind gazing upon a room full of naked women who I could easily command to pleasure you beyond any fathom of your own imagination. And what if this body? Do you desire it? Surely her fears kept her at a distance but I can easily remedy that…” She responded as she then assumed a far more docile, timid pose. “M…Mr. Cheshire-Sama? I…I’m sorry for being so mean…do you want to tickle me? Please?” She spoke in that mockery of Chu’s true voice as she extended a single foot and playfully wiggled her toes. Cheshire simply stood there looking her up and down for a moment and slowly smiled wide.

“…he wouldn’t…” Kate thought to herself as she watched on with baited breath. He slowly approached her, reaching out and placing a single hand on top of her narrow foot, rubbing it softly as she continued her sweet and innocent routine, blushing slightly and cupping her hands on her cheeks.

“No…if even Cheshire is weak against her influence…all is lost…” Kate thought to herself as her heart sank and wept softly. This was until he gripped her ankle a bit tighter…

“What do you take me for you GOD DAMNED SPAWN OF HELL!!!” He screamed as he pulled on her leg, lunged forward with an open palm and gripped her by the forehead, calling out words in a language long since forgotten by the world as arc of light poured forth. Chu screamed out like a banshee as an arcane mark appeared on her forehead and fell back onto the bed, twitching slightly as all the hair growths in the room began to deteriorate and fall to the ground and all who had been under her control began to snap out of it.

“CHUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!!!” Kate screamed as she ran to the bed, Cheshire intercepting and grabbing her.

“No stop! Its not safe yet!!” He yelled, struggling to hold her back. “That thing is still in there! I only sedated it!” He continued as Kate finally gave in and buried her face in Cheshires chest.

“What is that thing!?” She cried out as he held her and the rest approached.

“Ooooh what happened? I can’t remember anything….and why do I taste fish?” Cali commented as they looked down at the still spasming Chu.

“My guess is a Asmodeusian; a demon of lust who feeds on desires. But unlike our friend Valmont, this one is a purebred and quite the malicious type.” Cheshire explained as he turned to the others. “You were all under her control for quite some time and most likely did rather appalling and depraved things to one another.”

“Aw man! And I can’t remember any of it?!” Cali said as a chill ran down her spine and she turned to look at her mother who had just had the same thought.

“No you guys didn’t do each other…” Kate interjected as the two breathed a sigh of relief. “Cheshire, right before you entered she inferred that she had to voluntarily make Chu aware of what was going on …meaning…” Kate began to inquire.

“Yes…there’s a very good chance that Chu’s consciousness is buried deep inside and completely unaware of everything that’s happened. We can only hope for as much; I dare not think what this would do to her if she experienced everything you did.” He answered.

“So…what do we do now Mr. Caterling? How can we save dear Chu?” Moira inquired.

“We need to act fast; that ward won’t hold for long.” He answered as he removed his coat. “Cali, quickly run downstairs and get the strongest bondage you have. We have to tether her to the bed.”

“Right!” Cali said as she took off like rocket down stairs.

“Belou, we need to make a maleficarum containment circle around the bed.” He added as Belou began to look nervous.

“Cheshire…I’ve never actually done one before.” She responded hesitantly.

“But you’ve studied? You know what it looks like?” He replied.

“Y…yes…” She stammered in return.

“Well then for Chu’s sake you better as hell try.” He said as he stopped for a moment with his head tilted backward. “AND WOULD YOU ALL PLEASE PUT YOUR CLOTHES ON?! ITS VERY DIFFICULT TO FOCUS RIGHT NOW!!!” He yelled out.

About 20 minutes later

Moira took great care in redressing Chu in her pajamas before Cali had retrieved her strongest padded manacles with metal chains that she swiftly and expertly used to shackle Chu to the bed. Meanwhile Cheshire and Belou worked diligently drawing the intricate symbols of the containment circle surrounding the bed (and promising to pay the cost of having the carpet cleaned later of course).

“What we have to do next…may be incredibly difficult for a lot of you. This being is still vulnerable to the weaknesses of Chu, the host body. I seem to remember you saying Chu was the most ticklish person any of you had every met aside from Mab…” He began to speak as Kate’s eyes widened, covering her mouth with both hands.

“Y…you mean we have to…” She stammered.

“Yes. We have to quite literally tickle the demon out of her. And she will use every dirty trick to try and use your emotions against you; your love and protective relationship with Chu against you. This is why Kate, I’m asking you to leave; you care far too much for Chu’s well being and will be especially vulnerable to her influence.” He explained as Kate shivered slightly, taking a deep breath.

“No. For her sake I will be strong. I have to do my part to save her…” She said choking back the tears just as they heard a familiar timid voice.

“Onneeeesaaaaan…where am I?” Chu said as she looked around and then down at herself as she screamed. “W-why am I tied up? Onnechan what happened! I’m scared!! Please let me goooo!!” She pleaded as Kate glared angrily at her.

“Its time! We have to do this now!” Cheshire yelled as he sat at the foot of the bed just outside the circle and began to chant quietly. Kate, stone faced approached the side of the bed, hands extended outward as Chu’s eyes widened.

“What are you doing Onnesan? No! Please don’t tickle me! Not like this!! Its too much!!” She cried as tears poured down both her and Kate’s faces.

“Give her back…give her back you BITCH!!!” She screamed as she lunged forward, digging her fingers into Chu’s armpits and wiggling wildly, followed by an ear splitting high pitch squeal of laughter that filled the room as Chu arched her back sharply in response.

“NOHOHOHOHOOO!!! ONNESAHAHAHAHAHAAAN!!! I LOHOHOHOHOVE YOHOHOHOOOU!!! PLEHEHEHEASE STOHOHOHOHOOOOOOOP!!!!” She continued to plead, the tears never relenting on either girl as Kate clenched her eyes shut and gritted her teeth tightly and the others joined in; Moira forcing herself to attack Chu’s soft, flat little belly, scribbling her nails all around while Belou teased all around her thighs and between her legs and Lin-Yao and Cali each took a foot in hand and clawed at them viciously, all around the soles and under the toes. While none would ever admit it, Cali and Belou in particular had always wondered what Chu would sound like if she was truly tickled out of her mind, being the type who could only ever handle very gentle tickling and even then for only a short period of time before she pulled away; anything in the form of bondage being something that made her incredibly uncomfortable. It was a dark side to their natures that neither wanted to admit to themselves.

The assault seemed to go on for well over 15 minutes straight as Chu’s face became flushed red and endless tears pouring down her face, slowly losing her ability to struggle. “GIVE HER BAAAACK!!!” Kate screamed at her just as she sensed something behind her, turning to see Lin-Yao standing there with glowing…yellow…eyes.

“You know you’ve been tickling the real Chu all this time right?” It said followed by an evil ongoing cackle, Kate spinning around to look at Chu’s defeated, tormented face.

“W…why?...Why onnesaaaan?...I…I love you…” Chu whimpered as Kate finally reached her emotional breaking point, clutching her head in her hands and began to scream uncontrollably.

“Whats happening?!” Moira called out.

“The demon got into Kates head! Snap her out of it!!” Belou responded as Moira and Belou climbed over Chut to grab Kate, overwhelmed with despair and panic as she struggled to fight back, seeing only more possessed faces reaching for her.

“Don’t stop!!! Whatever you don’t stop tickling her!!” Cheshire called out as cascades of spiritual pour poured forth from his body that seemed to be pouring into the runes upon the floor, glowing brighter with each passing moment.

“You’ll never get her back!!!” Chu called out, resuming the sinister cadence. “…and if I go I’m taking her with me!!!” She added followed by a mad cackle as Lin-Yao moved upwards to attack the upper body beneath all the struggling while Cali moved between both feet and began a furious and frantic tickle attack, scribbling her nails all along her soft soles as she herself started to tear up.

“Fat chance you demonic bitch!!” Cali screamed in response as Chu’s hair suddenly began to once again lengthen, slowly creeping forward and wrapping around Moira’s neck as she persisted in her attempts to calm the overwhelmed Kate.

“EVERYONE STAND CLEAR!!!” Cheshire called out as Lin-Yao in a feat of intense strength grabbed both Kate and Belou, yanking them from the bed and Cali attempted to do the same with Moira but the hair tendril was holding fast. Just then Cheshire leapt straight into the air, palm pulsating with energy and descended, slamming it down hard on Chu’s chest as light burst forth from Chu’s eyes and mouth accompanied by an inhuman wail of pain, her body lifting off of the mattress, back arched and shaking violently…and then all was still. Kate struggled to her feet and gazed over to the bed where Cheshire was hovering over the now unconscious Chu.

“Its…its over…its all over…” He said as she slowly got to his feet, lit a cigarette and sat in a nearby chair clutching his forehead as Kate slowly approached Chu and sat beside her on the bed.

“I…I failed you Chu…I cared too much…I almost endangered your soul to that thing...” Kate whimpered as she placed a palm against her cheek.

“Oh would you stop it already Kate. No one in this room cares as much for her as you do and you act like that’s a bad thing? Its more than possible that your emotional connection with Chu is what helped her spirit return to the forefront in those last moments when she sensed that YOU were in pain.” Cheshire exclaimed from his chair. “She’s lucky to have you in her life…” He finished. “You okay over there?” He added looking over to Cali and Moira just as the hair tendril had begun to dissipate around the matronly catgirls neck.

“Y…yeah we’re fine…” Moira responded followed by a few coughs as the girls went to work unbinding Chu, after which Kate pulled her against her body and rocked in place, stroking her hair.

“O…onnechan?” A meek voice spoke as Chu came to and reached for Kate’s shoulder.

“Yes…I’m here sweety…” Kate replied holding back more overwhelming emotion than she thought possible.

“Wh…what happened?” She inquired next as everyone began to look at each other.

“Oh would you believe it? You passed out on my bed after your scare and we couldn’t wake you up! We were all so worried about you dear!” Moira interjected as Kate began to shake uncontrollably.

“Ch…Chu…” Kate stammered before finally breaking down. “I was so worriiiied!!!” She cried, burying her face in Chu’s shoulder and weeping hysterically. Chu simply blushed and smiled softly, hugging Kate tight.

“Its okay onnesan…I’m okay really!” She said as Cheshire stood and walked for the doorway.

“Well…its getting late ladies…I thank you for inviting me over Belou and I’m glad to see you’re better Chu…” He said as he retrieved his glasses, putting them back on and headed down the hallway towards the staircase.

“Wh…when did Mr. Cheshire-Sama get here?” Chu inquired as he left the room. “…and…why do I taste fish?”

That night the girls slept a bit closer together than normal, Kate especially as she clutched Chu tight like a teddy bear who of course didn’t mind it in the least. As Cheshire walked home, he suddenly received a call on his cell phone.


“Hey Chesh…um…I don’t know if I should be concerned but Chu has been quite a bit more…affectionate with me tonight…” Kate said in an apprehensive tone of voice. “Are you sure the demon is gone?”

“Ah yeah that’s bound to be expected. Demons like that love the more sexually repressed subjects because of the intensity of all that desire and longing hidden deep in their subconscious. It opened a gate somewhere in Chu’s mind to get to it and it may be some time before it closes again…you should probably try to make the mo…hello?...Kate?” Cheshire explained before hearing a pleasant backdrop of giggling and moaning in the background.

"Ch...Chu...wh...what are you...oh....ooooooooh....<3 ...="..." kate="kate" mumbled.="mumbled." p="p">
“G’night girls…”

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ARTJAM: Cat Got His Tongue

Yeah I know technically this is cheating...but its new to the general public say NAH...

This counts as both my Halloween art submission as well as my first for my Girl Fight Art Jam. John Talbain from Nightstalkers has his way with Felicia's feet while he shows his affection like a dog with his bone *snickers*

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Fates Chosen 01: Homecoming

Mytheroptera: Roadwise

“Fates Chosen”: Chapter 1


Marigold’s memories of the previous night had become hazy with the warmth and softness of Wixella combined and all the excitement and emotion that evening had caused her to fall asleep in the Bugbears arms. Normally her nights were restless, waking up several times throughout the night to the random startling sounds throughout the brothel, but this previous night she had slept better than she ever had in years. Ever so slowly consciousness had begun to return to her, feeling surrounded by a cozy, comforting sensation. She opened her eyes, refocusing on a small path of sunlight casting itself across wood panels above her. One eye was buried beneath the folds of a thick down pillow; the other scanned back and forth, slowly adjusting to the light and the sound of birds outside. Then as she slowly began to regain her senses, she felt a simply heavenly sensation at her feet; wet and slithering moving back and forth across her soles. Still in a dreamy state, she indulged in the experience, flexing her feet and splaying her toes wide as if inviting more, and sure enough the sensation followed, darting back and forth between each digit causing Marigold to moan softly. As more clarity and awareness returned, the sensation became a ticklish one, as she began to giggle softly, reaching out with her toes to stroke them against the slimy surface and surprised at how much she was enjoying herself...until the reality of the situation finally made itself known and it dawned on her that she was in a strange bed and someone or something was licking her feet.

She sat up slightly, leaning on her elbows as she saw herself covered in a large thick blanket in what appeared to be some attic-like crawl space that had been made up like a large bed. Looking down she could see a large form under the blankets, and the shadowed silhouette of a rear end up in the air with a long shaggy tail wagging back and forth. “A…dog?” She thought to herself, smiling as she reached down and pulled the blanket away. What she saw was the last thing she expected.

“Heya!” A voice spoke as the “dog” propped itself up on its arms and legs, lifting its head to face Marigold, a very humanoid face with dark skin and a wide smile with floppy dog ears poking out of a rats nest of shaggy amber hair. This odd dog person crawled forward, fully mounting the now confused dwarf girl’s waist as Marigold quickly crossed her legs tight. It sat up, revealing a lanky and youthful figure a good foot or so taller than herself with a small paunch belly and a pair of small but ample breasts that she appeared to thrust forward by pressing her arms inward. She was fully naked except curiously enough for a pair of red and orange striped socks pulled up to her calves. “A…Pooka?*” Marigold finally spoke out loud. “Yep yep!” The dog girl replied in a cheerful, childish voice as she leaned forward to sniff Marigold all across her chest and face, causing Marigold to giggle hysterically. This odd girl seemed innocent enough, and Marigold had heard stories of the whimsical and goofy Pooka street performers of the far east that never seemed capable of any malice or ill will; but she’d still be on her guard just in case.

* Pooka are a type of mischievous Fae born with a particular animal affinity that allows them to change into the animal at will but certain physical features of that animal are always present in their normal form.

“Mmmmm…you smell gooooood…” the dog girl commented as she wrapped her arms around Marigold and pressed her face between her breasts, barely contained beneath her shirt, rubbing her cheeks into them as her tail wagged rapidly. “H…hey…what are you…s…stop…STOP…” She began to exclaim, blushing a deep red and pushing gently against the dog girls shoulders as she whimpered in response, rubbing herself affectionately against Marigolds body, now straddling a single thick thigh and grinding herself against it like…well…a dog in heat. “Hey stohohohop that!” Marigold protested, the humor and ridiculousness of the situation not lost on her. Just then she, she heard a familiar voice from behind her.

“Nel! That’s quite enough! Get down here!” the deep womanly voice of Wixella could be heard from below as Nel quickly turned to look down. “Masters home!” She squealed as she climbed down a ladder to the ground and ran to hug her. “My goodness young lady! Where are your clothes?! What did I tell you about running around stark naked like that?!” Wixella exclaimed in a comical tone of voice like how a mother might take with a young child. “Not naked! See!?” Nel replied with a giggle. “As cute as they are, socks don’t count and you know that!” Wixella replied. Marigold couldn’t help but smile in response to the heartfelt banter between the two.

“Hello? You still alive?” Wixella commented with a giggle as she ascended the stairs and gave a few quick tickles to Marigolds exposed sole, causing both feet to immediately recoil under the covers with a squeal and the dwarf girl to sit up. “I’m sorry about Nel…she’s a bit too friendly with strangers sometimes, especially other females.” She explained with another giggle.

“Oh no its fine really…” Marigold replied, not wanting to admit that she was loving the attention her feet were receiving. Just then Wixella lifted up a small pile of folded garments into view. “I got these for you to replace those servants rags you were forced to wear…” She explained as Marigold stared in disbelief. “N…new…clothes?”. She replied with a meek voice, so overwhelmed with gratitude but still being kept at an arm’s length due to her own insecurities and phobias. “Th-thank you very much W-…do I call you master as well?” She commented after having heard the way Nel addressed her. “Oh nothing like that, she just does that out of habit more than anything else. You can call me Wixella or just “Wix” if you prefer; nice to know you like the clothes. Well get dressed and come down for breakfast.” She replied as she climbed back down the ladder.

Looking over the edge of the bed she could see the full expanse of the room with a large hearth to one side, fully aflame, numerous pieces of well crafted furniture atop various rugs and all around tapestries and various unusual decorations were strewn about the walls and hanging from the ceiling giving the entire place a very magical feel to it. And the smell of something delicious hung in the air coming from the direction of the hearth where Wixella stood, stirring a large hanging pot. Her appearance was much different than the previous evening; instead of the tattered rags and cloaks, she was dressed in a bright and vibrant house dress of white, green and tan with finely stitched patterns of flowers along the sleeves and pleats and appeared to glow in the sunlight cast through the window. Quickly Marigold unfolded her new clothes, barely able to contain herself as she viewed a white blouse with frilly sleeves, light brown dress and slippers that were surprisingly the perfect size for her. She began to wonder if Nel wasn’t the only one who got their hands on her feet in the night.

After dressing she ascended the ladder, still unsure of how she should act around such an individual. She had gone from being owned by an elf, which were normally seen as very even tempered but this one was quite aggressive and cruel, to a Bugbear who were normally seen as aggressive and cruel, but this one seemed so caring and compassionate. A confusing situation if there was any. “Well don’t just stand there! Sit down!” Wixella commanded with a smirk as Marigold quickly made her way to the table and sat obediently, years of living as a slave had made her flawlessly obedient to the letter and she would always obey any command given. “Gaelyn and Aldo should be back from the market shortly…” Wixella commented as she retrieved a pan of small bread loaves from the wide opening just above the hearth. “Who?” Marigold replied just as the door opened and the sound of ruckus laughter could be heard.

“Oh do be quiet already would you?!” A very aggravated fairy exclaimed, startling Marigold nearly right out of her seat and fluttering into the room on delicate wings. Marigold had never seen a more enchanting and beautiful creature in her whole life, with long flowing light blue hair, striking gold eyes and a cherubic rounded face with delicate, feminine features. “Aaaaw what’s wrong Aldo? You would make a perfectly lovely bride I’m sure of it!” Another voice from behind the first exclaimed. What entered next was something Marigold had never seen before. She looked like a tall and lanky Satyr, around 6’ tall and colored in various deep earth tones. A small ridge of horns topped her forehead with jet black hair cascading down one side of the head only; the other side was cut short. She had a long tail with a tuft of fur on the end and stood on the balls of immensely long 4 toed feet, resembling the way a Satyr might walk. Marigold caught herself staring at those feet for a few moments before shaking it off and reasoned based on stories that she had heard that she must be a Troll.

“What on earth happened?!” Wixella exclaimed as the horned one tried to stop herself from laughing. “So we’re at the market place right? And this big burly guy goes over to Aldo and starts hitting on him…” She began to explain as Marigold glanced back over at the fairy “…him?…that’s a guy?!…” she thought to herself as she stared. “Aldo tries to be all courteous, telling him, ya know, sorry but I’m a DUDE and all that but the guy doesn’t believe him and keeps putting the moves on him. So of course Aldo gets more and more flustered and aggravated, especially when the guy starts making really lewd and perverted comments about what he’d like to do to him…” She continued as she sat at the table, putting her feet up on a nearby stool and kicking off her sandals, revealing her high arched soles and flexing and wiggling her long toes, practically making Marigold drool. “So what does Aldo do?” She continues. “Stop it Gaelyn!” Aldo exclaimed, leaning against the hearth as he poked at the fire. “No wait it gets better! Aldo spins around and DROPS TROW, exposing his nethers to the guy and screams “SEE! I’M A GUY!!!” and who happens to be standing right across from him? But the local constable!!” She continued, bursting into a second round of laughter.

“Oh goodness!” Wixella responded, hand against her cheek. “Did he get a citation?” She inquired as Gaelyn shook his head. “No now see this is the best part! He walks over and says to Aldo “Young lady I’m all for practical jokes but waving a fake penis around in public is just in poor taste” and let him off with a warning!!” Gaelyn finished as she laughed so hard she fell off the chair. “That’s it! I’ll give you something to laugh about!!” Aldo exclaimed as he lunged on Gaelyn and dug his fingers into her sides, wiggling like mad as Gaelyn rolled around, her once merry laughter now sounding much more panicked and frantic. “What is so wrong with a straight man wanting to be beautiful!? I ask you!!!” Aldo exclaimed as Nel who had been in the next room getting dressed scampered in wearing a loose tunic and tattered shorts (still with those socks), took sight of the situation and leapt in with a mirthful squeal, wrapping her legs around Gaelyn’s ankles, gripping her big two big toes with one hand, scribbling nails all across both soles with her free hand and slathering them with her tongue. Wixella could only stand there, shaking her head with laughter as the three rolled around on the floor. Marigold on the other hand could only feel an oddly warm and comforting feeling; this really did seem like a family of sorts. Not the idealized family you’d read about in story books where everyone always got along mind you, but a very real and genuine one despite everyone being from different races. It reminded her of the sisterly bond a few of the ladies from the brothel had with each other, despite bickering endlessly about petty problems like who’s stockings were who’s or one stealing another’s lipstick.

“HEHEHEHEY!!! WAHAHAHAHAAAIT!!! SERIOHOHOHOHOUSLY!!!!” Gaelyn pleaded as the two halted their attack. “What is it?!” Aldo replied still with an aggravated tone in his voice. “….who is that?” Gaelyn inquired now looking in Marigolds direction, to which Aldo then followed. Now the center of attention, the timid dwarf squirmed in her seat, tucking her knees in against her chest in a defensive pose. “I don’t know but she is quite lovely isn’t she?” Aldo remarked in a far more positive tone as she stood and collected herself, her compliment causing Marigold’s eyes to widen and blush deep red, burying her face in her knees. “S-stop… don’t mean that…” She replied as Wixella came to the rescue. “This here is Marigold, the newest member of our little family.” She said as Marigold looked up at her. “I’m…not property…but a part of the family?” She thought to herself as her eyes glistened. Just then Nel leaned over, wrapping her arms around her with a big hug. “She smells niiiiice!” She remarked with a wide smile. “As astute as always dear Nel, thank goodness we have you to deliver the important facts unto us.” Gaelyn quipped as she then turned back to Marigold. “Has she tried to lick your feet yet?” She inquired as Nel began to nod enthusiastically. “Oooof course you have…” Gaelyn replied as she got to her feet and approached Marigold. “Lets have a looksee.” She said as she reached for Marigolds wrist and pulled her arm forward, sliding the sleeve upward, revealing her slave brand. “Ah yes; the brave, the proud, the disposable…” She remarked extending her own arm alongside hers showing her own brand. “You’ll like being the property of Wixella here; she’s quite the charmer.” She commented as Aldo slinked around behind the Bugbear, hugging her waist and placing his head on her shoulder. “And she really does utilize her acquisitions to their fullest potential…” He said kissing Wixella on the cheek, inciting pleasant giggling from the Bugbear and causing a cavalcade of random thoughts and questions to run through Marigolds head.

“Oh stop it! You know needing to purchase you was merely a formality to free you from your far less fortunate fates.” She replied pulling Gaelyn’s hands free from her waist. “Now let’s all sit down to eat; today is a special day after all.” She said as she got down a stack of bowls off of a high shelf. “Special?” Aldo inquired, retrieving a small bun from the tray. “Why yes, today is actually Marigold’s birthday!” She replied as they all turned to look at her; Gaelyn in particular with a wide grin on her face. “Does that mean…?” She began before Wixella cut her off. “No…she’s still new to the family Gaelyn, be nice.” She replied. “Well how old are you?” Aldo inquired as he ladled some stew into his bowl. “Um…f…forty three?*” She replied meekly. “Oh come on Wix! She just became legal too!?” Gaelyn once again exclaimed. “She said no Gaelyn!” Aldo chimed in as Marigold could only look at them all confused beyond belief and Gaelyn grumbled under her breath.

*Dwarves are among the longest lived fae and age far slower, not reaching “consenting age” as it is set by their cultural norms until the age of 43.

Marigold sat quietly and ate as she watched the banter and interaction between the other 4, a permanent smile plastered on her face after hearing what Wixella had said about actually being a part of this family. She watched as they tried to keep Nel from shoving her entire face in her bowl, Aldo snapping at Gaelyn for distracting him by stroking her foot up his leg under the table as she snagged the last roll and the whole time Wixella’s melodious laughter bursting forth with every antic (also because Gaelyn’s tail was stroking at her toes under the table). She couldn’t remember the last time she felt so at ease and comfortable around other people before. At the same time she couldn’t help but notice how many aspects of this group seem to appeal to her on other levels; the way they constantly tickled each other or the way she woke up with Nel licking her feet…and just what exactly was Gaelyn talking about earlier in regards to her birthday?

Breakfast came to a close and on instinct, Marigold hopped to her feet to assist Wixella clear off the table to which Wix simply smiled and nodded. After the clean-up was complete, the main 4 returned to the table with Marigold still in the kitchen area just beside it wiping down a counter. “Alright Aldo, what’d you do find in the marketplace?” Wixella inquired in a much more serious, authoritative tone. “Well lets see then shall we” He responded as he put a canvas bag on the table and began to rummage through it. The whole time Marigold still couldn’t get it out of her head how a man could be so enchantingly beautiful and graceful in his movements. “We found Carrow Root, Peasant Sprout, Margonis Seed and oh…we managed to find some Blood Fungus…” He explained as Wixella’s eyes widened. “Are they in season already? Excellent!” She replied as she took a few large mushrooms in her hands with caps that looked like they were splattered in red coloring. Marigold returned to the table and began to watch more intently as Wixella finally turned to her. “Oh sorry for the confusion; you see Marigold we run an Apothecary shop. We take various raw materials and use Alchemy to turn them into remedies, potions, aphrodisiacs and other useful items to sell…” She explained as Gaelyn chimed in. “Yeah and this over here will brew a Muddle Stout that’ll knock you right on you’re keester!” She exclaimed with her hand on Wixella’s shoulder. “…well yes that too…in the summer months we’ve been known to sell drinks at a lot of the outdoor festivals…” She added with a grin. “That’s…that’s so cool!” Marigold remarked, inciting laughter from everyone. “Yes, yes it is I suppose.” Aldo replied.


“Pleeheheheheheeeeeeease!!! I prohohohohohmise you I know nohohohohohothing!!!!” The shadowed female figure cried with laughter, tears pouring down her face, hidden away deep in some dungeon far away from anyone who could ever hear or save her. She had been stripped naked, locked into a kneeling position with her wrists bound over her head by shackle and chain. All around her, shadowy figures committed their depraved actions, tickle torturing this poor frail thing within an inch of her life. Wiggling fingers scribbled their way up and down her slender torso, along her belly, sides, the deep recesses of her underarms and around the full circumference of her small yet perky breasts, taking particular joy in teasing her nipples which became more erect by the second. Behind her, a pair of hooded figures knelt before the platform, each with their own tactics in mind. One used a paintbrush to trace a long course along her flawlessly soft and slender soles, taking great pleasure in lingering in the crevices between each toe before once again returning to her high arch and instep. The other was far less delicate and tactful, with her toes in hand, pulling them back and scribbling their nails all over the soft spongy sole frantically like an animal. And all the while, the inquisitor who had decided the fate of this unfortunate wretch stood in front of her, hand between her legs fingering the poor girl, the sexual arousal only a means of heightening the bodies sensitivity and making it that much more ticklish. She screamed at the top of her lungs with hysterical laughter, swinging her head from side to side as the tears and sweat fell upon her tormentors like a soft summer rain. After a few minutes, the figure raised his hand and the attack ceased as the bound and shivering figure slumped forward, whimpering and weeping.

“I will not ask you again…” The figure said as he gripped her chin, lifting it up so she could see the tormentors cold, cruel eyes. “Where is it? We know you had it in your possession at one point but then passed it on to someone else to elude us. You only need to tell us and all this will be over…” The figure spoke in an eerily comforting tone. “I…*gasp*…don’t know….and if I did….I’d rather die laughing than tell the likes of you…” The female said in a venomous tone, spitting in his face. The shadowed figure stepped back, wiping his face as he chuckled menacingly. “Well then…I guess more drastic measures may be necessary here…” He said as he reached into his cloak and pulled out a small red vial, holding it in front of her causing the females eyes to go wide filled with terror.

“N…no…no not that! Please!!! Anything but that!!!! Have meeeercyyyyy!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as the figured closed in on her.


“Hehe…hey…hey Aldo…watch this…” Gaelyn commented as she called over to Marigold. “Hey Mari, could you retrieve the sheets hanging up on the line outside?” She requested in only the most sincere of tones of voice. “Oh of course!” Marigold responded happily as she stepped outside, down a few steps and seeing the clothes line directly ahead of her, began to pull down and fold each linen before placing them in the basket beside her. When she turned to head back however, she stood in shock, dropping the basket. She saw no house at all, only a small gypsy wagon, barely big enough to hold maybe 2-3 people at best as Gaelyn poked her head out the window. “I love seeing their first reactions!” She remarked with a laugh as Marigold stood there confused out of her mind. Just then Wixella exited the wagon and approached Marigold. “Sorry for Gaelyn’s rather abrasive sense of humor Marigold; let me explain. Within that wagon exists what is known to magic users as “pocket space”. It’s hard to explain exactly how it works unless you practice magic, but it allows for a much larger area to occupy a much smaller space, effectively bending the will of reality itself.” She explained as Marigold practically shook with excitement. “That’s…AMAZING!!!” She exclaimed in amazement as Wixella laughed in response. “We’re so used to it we often forget how miraculous it really is at times.” She added as she picked up the basket. “Come now, we have chores to do while the others go out.” She commanded as Marigold bounced along behind her “Yes Wixella!”

Marigold went about her assigned duties, sweeping along through each room happily before crossing paths with Wixella once again currently scrubbing the floor of the kitchen when a topic of discussion suddenly dawned on her; something she had been wondering about for quite a while. “Wixella?” She inquired as she got beside her. “Yes dear?” She replied without turning. “How is it…that you’re so different from other Children of Gob*? I was lead to believe that they were all violent and hateful monsters; but you’re nothing like that…” She asked.

*In the primary Mytheropteran pantheon, it’s believed that all “goblinoids” (Gremlins, Goblins, Hobgoblins, Orcs and Bugbears) were created by “Gob”, the deity of destruction and war and each carries with them his dark influence. In the old world vernacular, they are often referred to collectively as “The Children of Gob".

“Well that’s quite simple Marigold; I wasn’t raised by my biological parents…” She began to explain. “My adoptive mother was traveling in this very wagon when she came across the remains of an encampment that had been the scene of some horrible battle with no survivors or even bodies in sight. It was then that she heard crying coming from beneath the canopy of a fallen wagon. She rummaged through the wreckage and found me, barely old enough to walk, as the only survivor. Despite what I was, she didn’t have it in her heart to abandon such a small child to the wild and decided to take me with her. I learned later that she was a Priestess of Nuath…” She continued. “Nuath?” Marigold interjected. “In the Seelie Court there are three noble houses; Faeranog, Stonehilt and Kalindrell. My mother was from Kalindrell, which promotes the virtues of Love, Beauty, Desire and the Arts. This house is the heart of the Seelie reminding all the rest that a life without pleasure, music and love is one of emptiness and stagnation and Nuath is our goddess. Through them I learned to find the inner peace to calm my savage goblinoid heart and come to love and respect all things around me, following in my mother’s legacy and becoming a priestess myself.” She continued to explain as Marigold listened, fascinated but of course getting hung up on terms like “pleasure” and “desire”.

It only took an hour or so before they were able to complete their tasks, Wixella astonished at the rate of productivity the dwarf girl was capable of, moving like a whirlwind through the house. “I’ve heard of the dwarves legendary stamina and endurance but that was nothing short of remarkable!” She exclaimed as she slumped down in an arm chair, slipped off her shoes and put her feet up on an ottoman in front of her. “Well thank you Wixe…Wixella” She stumbled a bit as she caught sight of the Bugbears surprisingly breathtaking feet. They were thick and massive with soles a far lighter color than the rest of her body, one easily the size of her torso and incredibly curvy and high arched with large, thick toes that arced forward slightly, creating a deep groove under each toe pad. “Mmmmm…now we can rest a bit…” She said as she crossed her feet at the ankles and flexed her toes unconsciously, closing her eyes. Marigold sat beside her in a small chair, staring and crossing her legs tightly feeling so incredibly aroused she could barely stand it.

“Um…Wixella?” She said timidly. “Hm?” She responded still with her eyes shut. “W-would you…um…like me to rub your feet for you?” She managed to force out, being one of the few activities from her old life that she ever got any praise for and had enough confidence to offer freely. “Mmmmm I’d love that Marigold; thank you!” She replied uncrossing her feet and flexing her toes happily, smirking a little bit and knowing full well there was more behind her request. Marigold got down on her knees before the massive appendages, staring intently and breathing in the sweet scent of lilacs that seemed to always cling to Wixella. She reached down and placed her hands on her left foot; the flesh was soft and meaty and oh so warm. She let out a soft coo as she began to rub, never having had such a huge foot in her hands and wanting nothing more than to wrap her arms around it and hug it tight, shoving her face into the toes and breathing in deep. She purposely knelt with her knees pinned together, trying her best to control her mounting arousal as she massaged the squishy soles. “Mmmmm…that feels heavenly dear…” Wixella commented with a smile.

“Um…Wixella? What exactly was Gaelyn talking about earlier about my birthday?” Marigold finally inquired, the curiosity driving her mad. “Ah yes, that. Well you see dear, all of us in this house for the most part are polyamorous.” She replied. “Polyamorous?” Marigold responded, knowing she had heard the word before but forgot what it meant. “Well, to put it bluntly we’re all sexually active with each other.” She blurted out as Marigold froze in place and stared over Wixella’s feet at her face to see if she was joking. “We also all share a rather common interest in tickling as well as foot fetishism. And usually when it’s someone’s birthday we all pleasure and tickle them as a group…” She continued, Marigold’s eyes growing even wider in disbelief getting caught up on an earlier comment. “I…its common?” She inquired, suddenly for the first time in years not feeling like such an outcast for having such desires. “Oh yes incredibly common…I’m surprised you didn’t see more of that working on a brothel...” Wixella replied. “Well then again it all would have probably occurred behind closed doors so you w-…oh…oh my…” She began as she suddenly felt a pair of tiny sweet little lips against the ball of her left foot, kissing it deeply like one would a true love. Wixella blushed deeply as she watched the adorable little dwarf wrap her arms around her foot, hugging it tightly and effectively making out with it, breathing in its scent and kissing it all over, even going as far as to begin licking it affectionately. “I knew I was meant to find you…” Wixella whispered as she stroked Marigolds cheek with the big toe on her other foot. Just then Marigold’s legs came uncrossed and she panicked, recoiling back and turning away from the Bugbear.

“I’m sorry! I just couldn’t help…I mean…I…” She began to stammer uncontrollably before Wixella interjected. “It’s okay Marigold, really! I was enjoying it immensely. Oh and by the way? I know already about your little secret.” She replied as Marigold once again froze in place, staring over her shoulder at Wixella, on the verge of a panic attack. “W..what?” She exclaimed astonished as Wixella tapped on her nose. “I have a very good sense of smell. I could smell the unique hormones on your skin when I first picked you up last night. Come here Marigold.” She explained and then commanded, motioning with her finger as Marigold inched her way over at which point the far larger woman picked her up into her lap. “There’s nothing to be ashamed of dear. It’s a truly beautiful thing to be honest. Come now, let me see.” She instructed as Marigold choked back the tears of shame, clenched her eyes and opened her legs…as a bulge could then be seen poking up under her dress.

“So, you’re a futanari.” Wixella commented as Marigold then turned to her, tears welling up in her eyes. “A what?” She inquired. “It is in the teachings of Nuath that futanari are the truly blessed, born with both male and female aspects and able to share their love and passion with any they choose to the fullest. Mothers of my faith actually pray for futanari children Marigold…it’s a blessing, not a curse.” She explained wiping away Marigolds tears as she rested her head on Wixella’s chest, once again feeling so grateful that yet another deep emotional scar had suddenly, slowly begun to heel. She then suddenly felt Wixella’s hand under her dress, gently running the pads of her fingers along the hard shaft, causing her to let out a soft moan. “If you’d like, I’d be honored to prove to you just what a blessing it really is.” She whispered softly as Marigold’s mind raced. There were so many conflicting emotions; no one had ever even seen it before let alone touched it but Wixella seemed so loving and gentle, surely she could trust her. Marigold didn’t respond verbally, but instead reached down, pulling up her dress and revealing her rather impressive, thick phallus standing at full attention; one that would be prided among the men of her species, turning her head away still somewhat embarrassed.

“My goodness; it truly is beautiful.” she whispered as she ever so gently took a hold of it in her hand and began to stroke it slowly, Marigold laying back and moaning softly as she pressed her face into Wixella’s arm. “Hm…I’d rather not get interrupted by the others if they come back to soon.” She commented as she paused for a moment as she stood with the dwarf in her arms, walking to a nearby door, opening it and entering her bedroom. Wixella’s bedroom was truly a sight to behold, looking more like a greenhouse with a bed and a few pieces of furniture with moss and vines growing along their framework placed amidst the flowers and bushes. And above, a large angled window encompassing portions of both the wall and ceiling allowed the warm sun to pour through. Marigold couldn’t have wished for a more beautiful location for what she assumed what was going to be happening next.

Marigold was gently laid down on the oversized thick mattress as Wixella stood over her and slowly began to undress. Now Marigold had been trained by the ladies of her former employment in the ways of sex although she had no experience. Her ideals were focused more on being with those who were compassionate and gentle; who would more “make love” than just hardcore sex. She just never thought in a million years though that her first time would be with a Bugbear. She sat up and stripped down, revealing her curvy nude form and fully erect cock at attention with excitement, never having felt the warm sun upon her naked form before and indulged in the sensation. Wixella’s figure wasn’t much different from Marigold’s actually only on a larger scale with thick thighs, wide hips and massive bosom. She gazed down at the ready and waiting nude dwarf, still blushing slightly and smiled. “You are such a little cutie, ya know that?” She said as she leaned forward, crawling onto the bed and laid down beside the dwarf.

“Now I need to know if you’re comfortable with all this Marigold. It’s against my dogma to take advantage of an unwilling partner.” Wixella explained as Marigold smiled, nuzzling her face into one of Wixella’s massive breasts and smiling. “I am. The truth is I’ve been ready for some time; that night you found me, what I was really scared of was Grok more so than actually having my first experience. What I was taught by the other ladies was that true love or saving one’s self for marriage was a luxury none of us could afford; that the best any of us could hope for was that our first time was with someone gentle and compassionate.” She explained as she then looked up at Wixella. “Someone like you…” She finished as she blushed. “Well I feel more priviledged than you realize…” Wixella responded, gently stroking her fingers along Marigold’s soft belly and up around the circumference of her breasts, causing the girl to shiver and coo. “When a priestess of Nuath is honored with the task of being someone’s very first lover; we are expected to perform only to our highest level of ability…” She continued as Marigold moaned softly, practically ready to burst from excitement. “Anything in particular you desire? You need only ask.” She added as Marigold bit her lower lip, still with old insecurities halting her words. “C-could you…um…”She stammered. “M-maybe…tickle me?” She finally forced out, inciting a wide ear to ear grin from Wixella. “Consider it done…” She replied

Wixella repositioned herself, kneeling directly in front of Marigold as she gently gripped each of Marigolds wrists and pinned them over her head, chanting softly as her hands began to glow and vines along the headboard began to lengthen and wrap their way around the little dwarves arms. “There we go…” She whispered with a mischievous giggle, wiggling her fingers in mid air as Marigold squealed in anticipation. Leaning forward, she extended either pointer finger and began to wiggle them in each of the dwarves soft underarms. “Tiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiickle tickle tickllllle!” She teased as Marigold began to squeal with childish giggles, squirming around and rocking from side to side, her massive breasts smacking against Wixella’s forearms like pendulums. “Oh so they want to play too?” Wixella teased further as the rest of her fingers joined in and began to softly tickle all around Marigold’s breasts, taking the time to linger at her hardening nipples, causing Marigold to whimper and moan softly. The Bugbear could no longer contain herself however, and began wriggling her nails all together up and down the full length of Marigold’s body, turning her giggles into a full on hysterical laughter, wailing like a banshee, her little body bouncing up and down off the bed as her already engorged cock began harder by the moment and further taunting Wixella’s hungry eyes. “Oh I am simply in love with that laugh!” Wixella remarked as she gazed down, licking her lips. All in a split second, the tickling slowed as Marigold’s penis disappeared deep in the bugbears mouth.

“Ooooooooooooooh!!!” She exclaimed as Wixella’s powerful lips and tongue went to work, each upward pull strong enough to nearly lift Marigold’s rear end right off the bed, causing her to pant and moan uncontrollably with desire. Then suddenly, Wixella made a sneak attack as both hands came up and resumed their attack, gently scribbling her nails all around Marigold’s upper body causing her to completely lose it from over stimulation as she continued her sucking motion. The dwarf began to see stars as she was overwhelmed with the most euphoric pleasure she had ever known; so powerless to resist the mighty goblinoid but not wanting to. She emitted a loud wail of passion as the hands worked their way upwards and returned to teasing her erect nipples at which point Wixella came up for air. “Gooooood?” She inquired as Marigold could only nod silently. “Ya know what I want though?” Wixella whispered as she once again pulled away, sitting on her knees and reaching down. “I want these little beauties…” She added as she grabbed Marigolds ankles and brought them upward. Marigold blushed deeply, never having had anyone ever call her feet “little” before looking even larger from her small size.

Wixella held Marigolds feet up and stared at those immaculate wide soles, amazed that this girl had been a servant her whole life since these barely looked like they had ever touched the ground once in her life and after running around cleaning for the last hour, the aroma was intoxicating. Marigold nervously spread and scrunched her toes out of reflex but only enticed Wixella even further, practically drooling before she finally leaned in and buried her nose under the toes, inhaling deeply. Marigold giggled out of adoration, wrapping her toes around Wixella’s face as she then began to slather the soles with her wide tongue. The reaction was instantaneous as Marigold made a silent painfully aroused face, catching herself on her breath until finally exploding in a long loud moan of lust. Wixella might as well have been licking between her legs with how erogenous Marigold’s feet actually were, riding the waves of arousal as they pulsated through her body with each long lick of her tongue. Tilting her head down, she then began to suckle on each toe down the line, causing the most uproarious reaction yet; a combination of hysterical squeals and intense wails of passion, Marigold at odds over which sensation was more intense or pleasurable but wanting it to go on forever as she arched her back sharply. Then Marigold could feel one of Wixella’s large hands taking hold of both ankles, her grip tightening around them and she clenched her eyes shut, knowing what was next.

“EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHEEHEEHEEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!” She screamed at the top of her lungs as Wixella’s devilishly wicked nails touched down on the soft sole skin, scribbling their way up and down the meaty flesh. While most ticklers would be focused more on the feet of their desire during this process, it was Marigold’s face that Wixella was the most intent on observing; her hysterical laughter and blushing cheeks being oh so adorable and wanting to watch for any signs that she might be going too far. But she wasn’t; Marigold had secretly fantasized about this for years but was too afraid that finding someone aggressive enough to really torment her would also be far too dominant or abusive. Marigold gleefully spread her toes wide inviting more tickling, as Wixella followed her direction and dug her nails deep into the fleshy crevices between her toes. Marigold’s face had become a silent contorted mask of silent laughter as she shook violently, her hard cock pulsating with every motion. Feeling a moment of mercy, Wixella stopped to allow Marigold to breathe and sure enough the sweaty, shaking form on the bed coughed a few times as she struggled to catch her breath but with a huge grin.

“I hear you Dwarves are renowned for your endurance and stamina; both in and out in the bedroom. I think we’re going to be here for quite a while…” Wixella commented as she returned to licking up and down the soft wide soles as she then took two fingers on her free hand and began to thrust in and out of Marigold’s pussy just below the shaft. This took only a few short minutes of agonizing moaning and squealing before the dwarf reached her pinnacle, as Wixella moved quickly thrusting the organ deep into her mouth just as it exploded forth, Marigold wailing out of control as cascades of hot cream poured down Wixella’s throat. Clenching her lips down around the base she slowly slid them upward, cleaning the shaft free and with one last slurping action, had cleaned up the potential mess and gulped it down. Marigold looked up at Wixella curiously after watching that through hazy eyes as the bugbear blushed a little. “No that’s not a Nuath thing; I just like doing that.” She commented with a giggle as she sat down in front of the little dwarf and thought to herself. No sooner had the little dwarf reached orgasm than did the vines binding her wrists suddenly recede, causing her arms to fall with a thud to the bed below.

“Now let’s see…” She said aloud after a few minutes, comically tapping herself on the chin doing that “thinking” motion as she then smiled, bringing both her huge, soft feet up and began to rub them all over the little dwarves body. The quivering lump of flesh on the bed suddenly sprang to new life once again, reaching up and grabbing one of the massive feet and pulling it up to her face, licking and rubbing her face into it as sure enough, her cock began to harden at breakneck speed once more. “I knew that would do it…” Wixella whispered as she began to stroke Marigold’s cock between her first and second toes, leaning back on her hands and smiling at the affectionate little thing. Then finally she felt it; Marigold’s little nails beginning to scribble up and down her huge sole.

“OOoohohohohohooo noooohohohohhoooo!” She squealed as she wiggled her toes around happily, able to feel Marigold’s organ pulsating and hardening even further with this new activity. She tilted her foot, laying the outer arch on Marigold’s chest, allowing her to wrap one arm around it, nuzzling and licking as well as skittering her little fingers all around the massive meaty sole. Wixella’s squealing giggle was just as melodious as her regular laughter and would be enough for anyone to want to tickle her even if they didn’t get aroused by it. She tried her best to continue stroking but losing her fine motor skills as the tickling sensation increased, finally falling backwards onto the bed with hysterical laughter as Marigold began to frantically rake her nails rapidly back and forth across her foot. Marigold took advantage of this sudden loss of control, quickly getting up and crawling onto Wixella’s stomach where she resumed her tickling assault all around her soft sides and belly. Wixella was just as much excited by the sudden turn of events as she was surprised that Marigold suddenly went on the offensive. She squealed merrily, rocking back and forth, but not so much that she’d toss Marigold off of her even though she believed the spry little thing was more than able to hold her ground. Looking up Marigold gazed at those titanic mounds upon Wixella’s chest and drooled a little, climbing up a bit further and wrapped both arms around them, squeezing them tight before she began to gently suck and nibble on the erect nipples.

“Ooooh…oh Mari…mmmmm…” Wixella moaned, having no problem with allowing this horny little thing to have her way with her body. Suddenly she could feel Marigold nudge closer, thrusting her erect cock between the massive breasts and then began to tickle all around the large globes, causing Wixella to squirm around with a combination of soft moaning and giggling as Marigold continued to thrust her hardened organ in and out rapidly. Tilting her head forward and extending her tongue, Wixella was able to lick the tip of the pulsating phallus each time it poked out from between her breasts, making each moan and wail from Marigold’s lips louder and louder until once again, as she was about to burst, Wixella grabbed a hold of Marigold by the hips and pulled her forward, thrusting the tip of the cock deep into her mouth as it gushed forth. “Mmmm…oh Mari…so good…” Wixella commented as Marigold looked at her with a curious expression on her face, a combination of surprise and further mounting desire as she released the massive breasts in her arms and looked down revealing her cock was still as hard as ever! Wixella gazed down at the mighty organ which appeared to be larger than before somehow and remembered what she had learned about futanari; about how are they are notoriously virile, capable of performing multiple times in a row without rest. Then she took into account that Marigold was also a dwarf; who were already known to have a similar reputation regardless.

Doing the math her eyes widened as she began to slowly realize that perhaps it was she who would need a break before long.

Monday, July 2, 2012

COMMISSION: Cali's Bitch

Commission for Dalekfire on DeviantART. Dalekfire himself being punished by Cali for reasons yet to be known (if they exist at all).

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

ARTJAM: The 10 Year Anniversary - Page 5

 The uncensored version of Page 5 of the Cali & Friends 10 Year Anniversary comic.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

COMMISSION: Explosive Jubilation

Commission 2 of 2 for killalot2k over on DeviantART...Janine from The Real Ghostbusters cartoon giving a footjob to a futanari version of Jubilee from the 90's X-Men cartoon. I love the way this maniac thinks...I suggested the idea with the orgasm fireworks and he ate it up XD. So yeah...

Monday, May 7, 2012

COMMISSION: Not So Intimate Encounter

Commission for kill-em-all666 featuring my OC's Megan and Cho in a ticklish bondage induced sexual romp courtesy of Sky and Star :D

Saturday, April 21, 2012


Today (technically STILL 4/20 for me) is my main OC Cali's birthday. So here we have her being indulged in one of her personal fantasies by way of her boyfriend Travis and best friend Mab; being sexual pleasured while she gets to have her way with a helpless and ticklish pair of bare feet. She's truly in a state of overindulgent bliss right now XD Oddly enough this is the first time I've ever drawn Cali and her boyfriend together in all this time...whodathunkit?

Friday, April 20, 2012


Commission from a guy by the name of killalot2k over on DeviantART. And yes it is the exact same pose as that rather infamous footjob piece with Sailor Mercury and Trunks from DBZ...he asked for that specifically. So yeah...M.Bison getting a footjob from a female M.Bison...with stinky feet and long toenails >_>...mmmyep

Friday, February 10, 2012

COMMISSION: Rylies Treatment

Commission for a friend by the name of Alpha Zion of his futanari fursona getting some special treatment from Mab and Cali...tickling, foot worship and footjobs galore :D

Monday, January 23, 2012

The 7 Deadly Sins of Tickle Hell

One HELL of a commission job for a guy by the name of "Dav2003" over on DeviantART featuring each of my characters in a "tickle hell" scenario based on the seven deadly sins.